Happy 2010!

Just couldn’t resist posting these pictures of my cat Chichi and my boyfriend on 12am (something) of New Year 2010!

Chichi is so so cute looking over the stairs! I think he’s a bit sleepy because it’s way past his bedtime! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Happy 2010!

  1. aww~ ChiChi cho kawaii!!~ hahaha XP soo cute!!~ >w< and yeah.. he might've been sleepy.. (or drunk..!) hahaha! I love kuya's polo! suits him soo well~ ^.- galing mo talaga mag take ng pictures te! XD

  2. agster! thanks for all the comments, reaallly appreciate it! daming nagvi-visit dito sa site ko pero di nagcocomment eh! hahaha! loveya! mwaah!

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