Super late post again (as usual) – Our backyard covered with snow! It’s way too cold to be going out and everyone’s indoor because of the weather, of course, that includes me! Hehe.

Hoping to drag myself tomorrow to buy Bare Minerals makeup! A birthday present for myself. I can’t believe I’m turning 23! Yikes! I hope my birthday is going to be snow-free! I really miss my boyfriend and I’m really looking forward to be with him on that (my) day.

front of the house!!


2 thoughts on “Freezing!

  1. lurked around. damn good takes! πŸ˜€

    Re this post: there you are getting tired of snow while the rest of us are still dreaming to sketch it off our bucket lists πŸ˜€

    • thanks insan! well i do love a bit of snow but right now, snow here is just too much for all of us to take! its freezing! thanks for lurking around my site πŸ™‚

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