Just baking..

Because my boyfriend is such a sweetheart, I decided to bake his favourite — my infamous Chocolate Fudge Brownies. This is so easy to make! I’m not at home right now but when I get back, I will post the full recipe here and the book that I got it from. I love baking and cooking! I’ve had a phase before that all I did was bake, bake and bake! Then of course, I stopped and got pretty lazy. I think the love in baking and cooking runs in the family. My lovely mother is a pretty good cook herself. She can probably cook 3 dishes at the same time! My grandmother? She’s a legend! She’s like a superhero when she’s in the kitchen! She can probably cook any thing. From traditional Filipino dishes to British ones. And my brother is becoming good at cooking too! His Beef Shepherd’s Pie was just heavenly! Oh, and he’s only 19 you know.

First come first serve – all 24 square pieces that only lasts for a day!

Just letting the chocolate fudge cool down. I will then sprinkle the icing on top and cut it into squares.

I also baked Cappuccino Muffins! I was my first time but I must say, I did pretty good. I’ve used Starbucks coffee beans (grounded) and mixed it with the flour batter. I’m happy they all loved it!

Just waiting for the muffins to cool down, I will then add some icing on top sprinkled with cocoa powder! Icing was consisted of mascarpone cheese and vanilla essence!


What do you think? I'd love to hear your comment!☺

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