Recipe Of The Day: Rolling with Takoyaki!

From watching different Japanese movies and dramas, I began to wonder if it’s difficult to cook their dishes! I was curious about their food and how-to cook it. Lately, I started watching probably hundreds of cooking videos on YouTube! So my first Japanese dish was Okonomiyaki. It was really easy and very tasty! I’ve been wanting to try Takoyaki but it was hard to find a Takoyaki grill maker. I can purchase it online but it was really expensive! After months of searching, I managed to find a cheap takoyaki pan online! The pan and all the ingredients that I’ve used in this dish were bought online [Japan Centre].

If you want easy and delicious Japanese recipes you can check out Runnyrunny999.Β All his recipes are easy to follow and his videos are all entertaining! WhilstΒ Cookingwithdog‘s videos are mostly traditional Japanese cooking. These are the two YouTube users I religiously check for Japanese dishes!

Here’s the Takoyaki pan! It was a good quality pan, heavy duty and very sturdy!

Getting ready! It was our first time to eat an octopus dish. πŸ™‚ I wasn’t able to shoot all the ingredients. I was so excited to start cooking the dish!

This is the second batch! The first batch turned out to be a disaster! I can’t roll the takoyaki balls and they were all sticky 😦 I was really upset! There’s something to do with the flour mixture so it was a trial and error moment for me! I managed to adjust the mixture and the second batch turned out great! Look!


And another one!

home made takoyaki

Taa daa! It was really delicious! I’m not just saying it because I cooked it but you can ask the critics! My mom, brother and the boyfriend πŸ™‚

takoyaki balls homemade

And another one!

takoyaki balls homemade

You can check all the ingredients and recipe here.


12 thoughts on “Recipe Of The Day: Rolling with Takoyaki!

  1. Hi Sarah,

    Those takoyaki look great, you definitely did a good job! πŸ™‚

    Where did you manage to buy the octopus from? Many places don’t sell octopus!

    Thanks for the link back to Japan Centre too!


    • Hi Nik! Thanks a lot for dropping by! I bought the octopus in the wet market down town. They were really fresh! I am going to put some orders again in your website probably next week. I wanted to try Katsu Curry! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Ate Tues! and You too! All your food photos were amazing! Sige but first, let’s do Pinoy evening! I’m sure Dan will love my twist on Bicol Express πŸ™‚

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