What Made Me Smile

So what made me happy these past few weeks?

© sarahyasmin

© sarahyasmin

My bestfriend’s firstborn! He’s so adooorable, meet Seth Caleb. 🙂

© sarahyasmin

My cat and his adorable super cute sleeping ritual! (Licking his paws and fur and then rubbing it onto his body!)

© sarahyasmin

Smooches! ~~ Tatay and Chichi 🙂

© sarahyasmin

A lovely surprise from my sweet boyfriend! A visit to an Owl Sanctuary in Ebbw Vale — A 10-week old owl in my arm (of course, with protective glove!)

© sarahyasmin

Gallivanting around the Owl Information Centre! She’s so cute and fluffy!

© sarahyasmin

A fun and lovely dinner with the fambam at TGI Friday’s and of course, their super yummy and massive dessert!

What made you smile / happy these past few weeks?


8 thoughts on “What Made Me Smile

  1. Kaleeeeeeeeeeeb~~ 83 soooo cute!! and that pic Chi-chi and kuya is a WIN! 😛 and yung owl~ i remember you couldn’t stop talking about it when you came back. nyahaha~ \(^O^)/ and oh.my.gohd. TGIF!!!!!!! that dessert looks yummiieeee~ 89 i love your pics te! galing mo tlga!

  2. Yourr cat is adorable! Cute sleeping habit too. hehe. Love the photo of tatay & chichi smooching. my cat does that to my boyfriend too. its quite cute.

    • Hi Michelle

      Thank you! We miss him terribly. But whenever they visit to our flat, they usually bring Chichi with them. Thanks for dropping by 🙂



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