Recipe Of The Day: White Chocolate and Brownie Torte

Sorry for posting this recipe so so late. As you can see from my previous entries, I love cooking and baking! I’ve got countless of cookbooks in my shelves. 🙂 This dessert is from the ‘Best Ever Three and Four Ingredient Cookbook by Jenny White and Joanna Farrow‘ — which is also my favourite! All recipes in this book were so easy to make and very delicious.

Ingredients: (SERVES TEN)

300g white chocolate broken into pieces ( I bought mine at M&S)
600ml double (heavy) cream
250g rich chocolate brownies (M&S again! or you can bake your own brownies if preferred)
cocoa powder for dusting – optional (I forgot to dust mine!)


1. Dampen the sides of a 20cm/8in springform tin (pan) and line with a strip of greaseproof (waxed paper). Put the chocolate in a small pan. Add 150ml or 2/3 cup of the cream and heat very gently until the chocolate has melted. Stir until smooth, then pour into a bowl and leave to cool.

Melting the white chocolate

© sarahyasmin

2. Break the chocolate brownies into chunky pieces and sprinkle these over the base of the tin. Pack them down lightly to make a fairly dense base.

The brownie-base!

© sarahyasmin

© sarahyasmin

3. Whip the remaining cream until it forms peaks, then fold in the white chocolate mixture. Spoon into the tin to cover the layer of brownies, then tap tin gently on the work surface to the level the chocolate mixture. Cover and freeze overnight.

© sarahyasmin

Fresh from the freezer!

© sarahyasmin

4. Transfer the torte to the refrigerator about 45 minutes before serving to soften slightly. Decorate with a light dusting a cocoa powder just before serving.


© sarahyasmin


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