Italian saturday with my lovely partner

I haven’t updated this blog for a looooong time! And these pictures have been staying in my iPhoto for months now. It was indeed a veeerry super late post. 😀 So anyhoooo.

Italian saturday with my lovely partner – cooked everything from scratch. 🙂 I wanted to cook something nice for him so I cooked these yummmy food!

Appetisers – Polenta Chips with Parmesan and Parsley





© sarahyasmin

Very easy and straightforward. Bought ready-to-cook polenta blocks, sliced and cooked in olive oil. Sprinkled with parmesan and a little bit of parsley. I’ve made a sweet chilli and soft cheese dip to accompany this appetiser. Nomnomnom.

Main Course – Mushrooms and White Wine Risotto (Chicken breast optional)





© sarahyasmin


Recipe from The Italian Diet by Gino D’ Acampo 🙂 A gift from a very lovely friend Ate Tuesday! The chicken breast is optional. All of us here are such carnivores so I can’t really let it all vegetarian! 😀 It was my first time to try cooking risotto from scratch. It was a success! Very tasty and such a heavy meal!

Dessert – Polenta and Almond Cake

For something light, I opted for baking this cake. I looooove this! Ever since I’ve tried this last January (my birthday!), I’m addicted! I think I can actually finish the whole baking tin! It was fluffy and light. Not too sweet either! Thanks to Ate Tuesday again for bringing this cake!


© sarahyasmin

If you want any recipes here, just leave a comment. I’ll try to post the recipes soon!


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