Welcoming 2012!

I thought I’d post an entry before this year ends. I know I’ve neglected this blog! So what happened these past few months?

In summary,

I’ve graduated with flying colours! Yey me!

© sarahyasmin

Finally went back home (Philippines) after almost 4 years! It was extra special because I went back with my partner. I stayed for a couple of days with him in Cavite and he also stayed in Tarlac with me. Met some close relatives, ate great food and caught up with old long-time friends. We also had a trip to Boracay for 3 days, stayed at Discovery Shores and experienced a 5-star holiday! It was a great memorable experience for us. It was paradise!

© sarahyasmin

We also visited Singapore. We love Singapore. Everything about it! It’s so clean and everything’s cheaper compared to the UK. I swear, you can probably find almost any thing do, buy and eat in Singapore. We would definitely come back for a longer stay!

© sarahyasmin

So from Cardiff to Greater Manchester – My partner and I moved to Manchester and rented our very own flat! It was our first time living together but we both felt that we’ve been doing it for quite awhile. This amazing view from our balcony helped a lot after a hard-day’s work! We love our cosy abode.

© sarahyasmin

I resigned as a barista in Starbucks and got accepted to a primary school. As much as I miss my colleagues which I now call friends, I love my new job! I’m so excited to create my own lesson plans and creative activities for my pupils. I’m just bursting with ideas! A gift and a goodluck card from my Starbucks crew – I was touched!

© sarahyasmin

Visited Amsterdam + Den Haag – Christmas week! The lights were mesmerizing.

© sarahyasmin

First Christmas Eve in our own first flat! Our families stayed for 2 nights in our flat to celebrate it with us. Nothing beats spending the holidays with loved ones.

© sarahyasmin

Now, looking forward to New Year’s Eve! No plans yet but looking at going out for a meal and maybe walk around the quays. Hopefully we can watch some fireworks display. How are you going to end your 2011?


More entries coming up!


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