Lately in Instagram

I’m in love with Instagram. You can follow me there, username: sarahlalala 🙂 There are lots of food snaps in my photostream. Hopefully every week, I can update my blog a series of  Instagram iphoneography.

FYI: These snaps were taken on different dates. Enjoy!

Super spicy beef hotpot in Singapore


Drink Tea Eat Cake – amazing brunch!


Nothing beats a good bold coffee 🙂


Tom Yum Soup at ChaoBaby Trafford Centre


Grilled Chicken Rice at Wasabi Sushi and Noodle Bar


Generous slice of Tiramisu at Pizza Express


My partner and I love trying different dishes. I can proudly say we’re not picky eaters. I’d like to think that in the future, our future kids are like that too. I think we usually go for hearty dishes such as pasta, rice and noodles. It helps that I love to bake and cook, experiment with my dishes and that great cooks run in my family. My lovely mother cooks so good and so fast, she can cook 4 dishes at the same time. Seriously. My grandmother can cook almost any thing you could think of. 🙂 My father was such a good cook too and so the rest of my relatives. My partner cooks amazing Italian dishes too!

On a different note, Happy 5th birthday to our baby Chichi (23rd February) He had grown so fast!


Have a nice week ahead of you! See you next entry! 🙂


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