Recipe Of The Day: Karaage Chicken

The recipe came from Japan Centre, where I also got my Takoyaki recipe. When I was living in Cardiff, there are no Asian supermarkets around so it’s a bit hard to cook all these amazing Asian cuisines. Japan Centre was incredibly handy in providing me lots of Asian ingredients and in addition, their postage of £4.95 (UK delivery for up to 30kg) is pretty reasonable. You can check their website if they can deliver to your country.

Now that I’m living in Manchester and Chinatown is just around the corner, it’s much easier to cook Japanese and Korean dishes (YEY! for Asian supermarkets). Although sometimes, I still check the Japan Centre website for their occasional offers.

According to their website,

Karaage, pronounced ‘kara-ah-geh’, is a Japanese dish originating from China and made by deep frying small bitesize pieces of marinated chicken.

Although deep fried, karaage can still be part of a light dish and are a perfect combination with freshly steamed rice. If you make more than you need, simply pop them in a bento box and enjoy them for lunch tomorrow!

The Tower of Karaage Chicken

Chicken Karaage


In the recipe, you can use a ready-made Karaage flour but this is optional. I just made my own. It’s just a mix of flour, salt and pepper. Personally, the marinade helped gave the chicken more flavour so I just used a simple flour mix.

Egg and vegetable sitr-fry (accompaniment)

veggies stir fry


I also decided to make a sticky Asian BBQ sauce (that’s what it tasted like) that I glazed over the chicken bites. It’s just a mixture of sweet chilli sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce, a little bit of ketcup, pepper and sugar.

My so-called Asian BBQ sauce (optional)

karaage bbq asian sauce


You can make half a batch of glazed Karaage and leave the half just as it is. Served with plain boiled rice and iced tea.

Lunch is served. Enjoy!

lunch asian cuising camerashake


Check the full details of the recipe in Japan Centre. If you need more information about this dish, let me know and I’d be happy to help you. At the moment, their Higashimaru Karaage Chicken Seasoned Flour is on sale! A perfect timing to try this recipe!

When you’re done with this amazing simple dish, why not try a Japanese savoury pancake called Okonomiyaki?


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