Iphoneography at its finest

What is iPhoneography?

“iPhoneography is the art of taking photos with Apple’s iPhone” (credit:iphoneography.com). I actually agree to that. Personally, as long as you use your iPhone then it’s okay. It is IPHONE – ography. Although some would argue that you can also use any mobile phones (not just iPhone) to take and edit your photos. However, purists would claim that you should only use your iPhone to edit and take photos. Click here for more iPhoneography discussion.

Photos were taken from my iPhone, most of them were edited via Snapseed and uploaded in Instagram. Does this count as iPhoneography?

On my way home, a long tiring Monday.

Almost Weekend.

My first black and white photo in my Instagram feed.

Just iPhone, not DSLR.

Snowy Manchester.

Tiring but a rewarding day.

Enticing sunset. (my header)


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