Travel | Norway 2012 – one of the most expensive countries

Well, that’s according to the latest news from ABC. My opinion? I couldn’t agree more! I just recently visited Norway with my partner last June. We stayed there for a week and we were lucky enough to stay with his relatives / family friend’s house in Slattum Terrasse, a few minutes away from Oslo. Everything is indeed expensive and that’s coming from someone who resides in the United Kingdom (which is also sort of expensive for some tourists). Don’t get me wrong though, we did enjoy our trip. Norway is such a beautiful country. There are trees, flowers and some sort of nature reserve everywhere we go. It is indeed so green and refreshing. Not congested like London!

These are the first few photos I took in Norway. I’ll try to upload all of my photos in series. So here’s the first one.

rygge airport norway

We arrived at Rygge Airport. The Angeles family picked us up and we drove all the way to Sweden!



Norway – Sweden border at Svinesundsbrua



Thank you for accommodating us Angeles family!


What a beautiful view!


sweden norway border

Last but not the least, food stopover!

See you in my next post!


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