What Made Me Smile

Hi there! I’m back to blogging. So sorry for the lack of updates in this blog. I really appreciate that you’ve been checking my website for new updates ♡ I’ve been gone for 9 days and went to Cardiff to see my family. I missed them already! Now I’m back here in Manchester – in the comfort of our living room, back to my blogging zone.

What made you smile lately?

Here’s mine

This russian doll from my Grandmother

russian doll

© camerashake

Slash measuring cups! So easy to bring for travels and those impromptu bake for friends and family. How awesome right?

russian doll measuring cups

© camerashake

So much more than ice cream

haagen dazs

© camerashake

British Gas Great Manchester Swim at Salford Quays – for the brave ones!

Just imagine, a one-mile outdoor swim with strong winds and heavy rain.

british gas great manchester swim

© camerashake

 m & m’s world in London – all the colours you could think of!

m&m's world

© camerashake

The awesome’s

family love

© camerashake

And this guy, who waited for me patiently for 9 days with homecooked meals and lots of hugs and kisses. The best partner in the world!

partner companion

© camerashake

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