Travel | Harry Potter Studio Tour, London pt.1

FAO: Harry Potter Fans!

This is such a late post. I’ve been slacking on updating my blog. I’ve been busy and lazy to update. My partner and I visited my Grandmother in Central London last September 2013 and thought we might as well visit the Harry Potter Studio. You need to buy tickets in advance because it’s always fully-booked and they only sell tickets online. No walk-in tickets!

I have been a massive fan of the Harry Potter series since high school. I vividly remember lying down on our living room and just read and read! This was before the movie production. It’s one of my all-time favourite fiction books.

So what do you need to get through the ginormous studio of Harry Potter?

  • Water! Lots of it. You need to energize with all that walking and walking.
  • Comfy shoes – when I say ginormous, I really mean crazy huge studio!
  • 3hrs. of your time. There’s a lot to take in! I would’ve stayed longer and really looked at every little thing!
  • Camera. To capture all those amazing things inside!
  • Money – the souvenir shop was the heaven of all the heavens for Harry Potter fans. You can buy keyrings, mugs, wands, hoodies, EVERYTHING! It was really expensive  though.

My partner and I bought a matching Hermione’s time-turner keyring and also a Gryffindor keyring. I also bought a mug of Sirius Black “Have you seen this wizard?” Personally, worth every penny. After the whole tour, we were speechless and awestruck! The effort and hardwork that everyone contributed to the whole Harry Potter franchise is commendable and beyond words!

For all the Harry Potter fans out there – enjoy the magic of Warner Bros Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter!

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