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Long time no blog! If you’re here now, in my blog, scanning and looking through recipes, entries, photography etc. THANK YOU! I can’t believe how many people visit my blog, even though, I rarely update it. I can see that a lot of you likes, loves my recipes. Thank you for all your wonderful comments.

My Dukbokki entry has been one of the most popular recipes here in my blog. With that being said, I’ll try to update my blog with recipes that I find easy, straightforward and of course, delicious!

Dukbokki, Tteokbokki, Easy dukbokki


So what’s new? I’m engaged to my wonderful partner. My bestfriend. My happiness.

Hubby to be


We’ve started a healthy journey together, 6 weeks now and we’ll keep going. We’re not stopping. We’ve been working out 5x a week. It was hard but it needed to be done. We love our healthy meals! I love cooking and trying new healthy dishes. I’m hoping to share it all with you guys!

All of these photos were uploaded in my Instagram feed, add me: @sarahlalala

sweet potato, beef mince wrap, sweet potato lettuce wrap, healthy,


Teriyaki salmon, mixed leaf salad, feta cheese, healthy eating, healthy living, clean eating,


chilli prawn, cauliflower rice, quinoa, healthy living, healthy eating, spicy prawn,


We’ve spent a lovely weekend with our families. We celebrated our engagement with them and it was a fun-filled weekend! We’re very grateful to have them in our lives. We love you guys!

family, engagement, life, love,


rosylee manchester, engagement lunch, food, life, love, family,


Big congratulations to my lovely husband-to-be for his university offers. He’ll be starting his Doctorate this September 2014. I’m not even surprised. I knew it! He deserves it! I’m a one proud fiancée!

I will also be attending part-time evening classes in college (after work). I know that this year will be tough but I need to do it. It has be done. I just can’t wait for the new challenges.


engaged, life, love, family, companion




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