Art + Design| [UN]KNOWN Exhibition at Atrium Cardiff – Graduate Showcase 2014

“Surround yourself with positive people and you’ll be a positive person”.

Ibby is one of the most positive people I know. He’s talented, creative and always full of ideas. We were lucky enough to get an invite for his Graphic Communication Graduate Showcase at Atrium Cardiff titled [UN]KNOWN.

His concept was quite interesting. It was very informative, interactive and definitely engaging. You can click the individual photos to see it up-close.

What is pool? Pool is a fun and interactive way to get people to share information about the things they love. We hold events and exhibitions throughout the year encouraging people to share their opinions.” – Ibby Tarafdar

Dip into knowledge – Opinions are integral part of how we define ourselves and our individuality. By sharing opinions we are ultimately sharing knowledge; exposing ourselves to new information and different perspectives, expanding our mindset and way of thinking.” – Ibby Tarafdar

So how does the sharing works?

1. You choose a subject from the four available options which are all colour-coded – Music, Literature, Design and Lifestyle.

2. Answer the questions provided in the Pool mini-booklet. There are mini-sharpie provided, 2 mini-balls B/W, magnetic strip board and a piece of cutout paper. All of these inside the Pool welcome pack. You will use these in answering the questions.

3. Lastly, get a fun Pool reward pack for taking part!

How awesome was that? I chose Lifestyle and Design. Ibby will send us our Pool reward pack – we can’t wait to see what’s inside the awesome box!

You can still visit the Graduate Showcase at Atrium Cardiff. Hurry or you’ll regret it! 

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